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Are you still bothering with flammable and easily charged dust?

In the application of bag filter conditions, some dust is flammable and explosive. Dust combustion or explosion fire is usually caused by dust friction sparks, electrostatic sparks, hot particles and so on, which of the charge is most hazardous. because synthetic filter cloth was usually easy to charged, so when dealing with flammable and easily-charged dusts such as pulverized coal, coke, alumina and magnesium, the bag Should choose the flame retardant dust bag and anti-static for the bag house.

Flame-retardant dust bag, first need to choose the material, generally considered Oxygen Index (LOI) greater than 30 fabric filter material, you can choose the filter cloth such as PTFE, P84 material; and for the oxygen index (LOI) less than 30, Such as polypropylene, polyester, etc., required for these filter cloth impregnated with a flame retardant to ensure the filter bag excellent flame retardancy.

polyester felt fabric (2).jpg

Industrial dust concentration reaches a certain level (explosion limit) in case of static discharge sparks or outside ignition and other factors, can easily lead to explosions and fire. Such as: flour dust, chemical dust, coal dust, etc. In case of electrostatic discharge may have exploded. In the field of bag filter, if these dusts need to be collected by bags, the filter material required to make the dust-removing bags has anti static properties.

Anti-static needle felt refers to the filter media mixed with conductive fibers, so that the filter media in the radial or zonal conductivity. Mixed in two ways, one is in the needle felt fabric scrim warp yarn into the infiltration of copper complex conductive yarn named stripe anti-static; the second is the synthetic fiber mixed with conductive fibers, named blended anti-static. Common conductive fibers are stainless steel fibers and modified chemical fibers. Compared with the former, the former is stable and reliable in conductivity, and the latter is liable to degrade after a certain period of time

Polyester non-woven anti stastic.jpg

Anti-static dust bag has excellent anti-static performance, applied in flour dust, chemical dust, coal dust etc. This is the good choice for current explosion-proof dust collect.

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