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Are you still bothering the sawdust?

In the furniture factory wood cutting, sheet metal surface processing, sanding, edge and other operations will produce a lot of sawdust and wood flour. In addition, dust pollution is even more serious in the production and processing workshops of artificial  stone countertops such as cabinets.

Wood dust does not hurt people directly, but it can cause a lot of damage to the respiratory and eye organs. Dust particles larger than 10 microns in diameter stay in the air for a short time and are effectively resisted in the airways during respiration without entering the alveoli. However, since wood dust contains wood tar, this substance consists of various phenols And hydrocarbons, and contains strong carcinogenic substances.

In order to effectively deal with furniture factory sawdust dust, AoKai enviro-tech advice use the saw dust filter bag.

The filter bag according to the different dust clean way can divided into pules jet filter bag and shaker filter bag.

The filter cloth for furniture factory wood dust filter bag, raw material fiber select cotton fiber, wool fiber, synthetic fiber and glass fiber, different fibers make to the filter cloth has different properties. Commonly used wood dust dust filter bag 208 Polyester flannel, fiberglass composite felt dust filter bag.

208 Polyester flannel is the dust filter cloth with good ventilation, dust removal efficiency, and has acid, alkali and heat resistance, weaving process using a multi-side brushed to improve the fabric thickness, flexibility, Therefore, dust removal effect is good. 208 polyester flannel continuous operation temperature up to 130 ℃, instantaneous temperature up to 150 ℃, the dust removal efficiency of up to 90%.

After silica gel resin filter fiberglass composite bag dust filter bag, its advantages are high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, elongation shrinkage rate and high strength, glass fiber composite felt dust bag continuous operation temperature up to 240 ℃ , The instantaneous temperature is up to 260 ℃.

Furniture factory wood dust filter bags based on the filter cloth or felt sewn into a cylinder or flat-shaped filter bag. The wood dust filter bag is through the filter fabric to filter the dust-laden gas, dust-containing gas into the bag filter, large particles, the proportion of large dust, due to the role of gravity settlement, fall into the hopper, When the gas containing finer dust passes through the filter, dust is trapped and the gas is purified.

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