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Aramid needle felt for the high temperature working environment

Aramid is mainly divided into two kinds, para-aramid fiber (PPTA) and meta-aramid fiber (PMIA), Aokai mainly manufacture the meta aramid needle felt.

At present, aramid needle felt can be divided into three types: China aramid, DuPont Nomex needle felt, Teijin Conex aramid.  

Aramid dust filter bag features:

Excellent temperature resistance: Can be operated at 204 ℃ (instantaneous temperature 240 ℃).

Stability of the scale: only at a temperature of 204 ℃ less than 1% of the thermal shrinkage, with excellent high temperature stability.

Chemical resistance: Low concentrations of acid and base and most hydrocarbons do not affect it, even small amounts of fluoride do not significantly corrode.

Fire resistance: At 400 ℃ began to differentiate and carbonation, limit oxygen index (LOI) of 30, does not spontaneous combustion.

Aramid dust filter bag has been proven to be used throughout the high temperature filtration industry, throughout the use of asphalt, lime, steel, nonferrous metals, lime, dust, metallurgy, drying, gravel, plaster, plastic, carbon black, Coke and other high-temperature production industries.

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