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High Temperature Fiberglss Filter Cloth

High temperature fiberglass filter cloth can resistance temperature 200℃-260℃.High cost performance compared with other high temperature felt and stable size and Low shrinkage rate,high intensity,but it is crisp,which is applied in chemistry. The advantage of the fiberglass...


High temperature fiberglass filter cloth

Advantage  of the fiberglass filter cloth

High temperature resistance,corrosion resistance, size stability, minimum elongation shrinkage and high strength. 

Disadvantage of the fiberglass filter cloth 

Worse folding strength than other high temperature filter bag. Because of  the surge temperature can achive to 260 degree c and lower price, it becomes the first choice of light wind speed dust collector. 

Fiberglass mixed fiberResistance temperature 
Fiberglass + polyester 150-200 degree C
Fiberglass +aramid 200-240 degree C
Fiberglass + PTFE240-280 degree C
Fiberglass +PPS160-190 degree C
Fiberglass+P84240-260 degree C

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