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High Temperature Clinker Cooler Aramid Dust Filter Bags

High Temperature Clinker Cooler Aramid Dust Filter Bags

Cement mill dust collectors receive a high load from the grinding mill and separator. Consequently,an appropriate air to cloth ratio is recommended.Frequent cleaning pulses are needed to keep the pressure loss at an acceptable level.Owing to its composition,the dust tends to be abrasive and thus...


The cement plant always use the P84 fiber filter bag ,aramid fiber filter bag ,polyester filter bag ,Acrylic filter bag,Glass fiber compound material fiber filter bag .The clear data sheet is list as below :

cement poleyster filter bags.png


 How to choose material for your filter bag with good price ?

Since every filter has its own characteristics and parameters, when we choose filter material for dust collector filter bag, we have to know the following parameters:

(1) Working temperature

(2) Humidity

(3) Dust diameter 

(4) Gas’ chemical properties

(5) Dust abrasiveness

(6) Filter's mechanical parameters

(7) Brand name of the dust Collector.

(8) Is it a revise air or pulse jet

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