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polytetrafluoroethylene flter bags

  • Waste Incineration PTFE Dust Filter Bags

    Contact NowWaste Incineration PTFE Dust Filter BagsWaste incineration PTFE Dust Filter Bags 1.Material : 100% PTFE Fiber 2.Scrim : 100% PTFE Scrim 3.Gram Weight ; 750g /m2 ,800g /m2 4.Thickness : 1.1mm 5.Air permeability : 8-12 m3.m2/min Feature : 1.Excellent Acid Resistance 2.Excellent Alkali Resistance 3.Excellent Chemical resistance 4....Read More

  • High Temperature PTFE Filter Bags

    Contact NowHigh Temperature PTFE Filter BagsHigh temperature ptfe filter bags PTFE filter bag has the excellent chemical and physics performance,it widely apply in power,waste incineration and some other bad working condition.The PTFE membrane filter bag is the best for waste incineration dust collector bag.Aokai ptfe filter bag is made...Read More

  • PTFE with Membrane Filter Bags

    Contact NowPTFE with Membrane Filter BagsPTFE membrane filter bags Aokai ptfe membrane filter bags are composited by filter bags and thin film to use the specially process ptfe micropore thin film through hot laminating.it has many advantages,such as smooth surface,high dust peel strength,easy to clean and the filtration can reach...Read More

  • Factory Directly Supply High Temperature 800g PTFE Dust Filter Bags

    Contact NowFactory Directly Supply High Temperature 800g PTFE Dust Filter Bags800g PTFE dust filter bags PTFE filter bag is a unique material that can withstand any acidity of acid attack at an operating temperature of 240 ° C and an instantaneous temperature of 280 ° C. The PTFE filter bag has excellent self-lubricating properties, does not absorb moisture, and can...Read More

  • High Quality PTFE Filter Bag With PTFE Membrance

    Contact NowHigh Quality PTFE Filter Bag With PTFE MembrancePtfe filter bags are made by 100% ptfe fiber with ptfe scrim , it can resistance 240-260 degree C and ptfe filter bags can resistance strong acid and alkali . Ptfe filter bags are widely used in waste incineration , power plant and some high temperature working condition . Advandage of ptfe...Read More

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